Land and Lots

Our clients have various reasons for wanting to acquire land and lots. It could be the dream of building a home from the ground up, having land to pass down to generations, or using the land to grow wealth by harnessing the power of the resources contained in the ground. For some it could be a way to start over, retire, or create a get-away in another country. Land ownership is also the basic building block for any strategy that involves building wealth through real estate. We recognize the fact that 90% of all millionaires have built their wealth through ownership of real estate. That means that the single most powerful vehicle for creating, growing, and expanding wealth through generations all boils down to land ownership. Owning real estate is, by far, the single most effective way to create wealth known to man.

Aside from all the investment strategies, that are built into real estate ownership, a house built on land has the potential to become a home. Home is the place that not only fulfills the basic need for shelter, it’s the place where families create a lifetime of memories. It’s the place to congregate with friends and family. It’s the place where couples to grow together. It’s the place to share love. Creating your own place to call home, in its most basic sense, starts with land.

Whatever your reason for wanting to acquire land, our team of real estate professionals work diligently to make land acquisition inside and outside of the United States as seamless as possible.

Our Current Land Offerings:

  • New Lots in Planned Subdivision in Placencia Belize – COMING SOON
  • 100+ Acres of land in Placencia, Belize – COMING SOON
  • 50+ Acres of land in Placencia, Belize – COMING SOON

Sold Land Properties:

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View Our Available Properties

Islands For Sale

Long Coca Caye Island – $100,000,000 USD
  • 40+ Developed acres
  • 8 Homes (2 Caretaker Houses)
  • Septic System, Solar Power
  • Seller Financing Available

19.2 Acre Private Island – $2,880,000 USD
  • 19.2 Acre
  • Perimeter water depth range 1ft – 20ft deep
  • Located within the “the Pelican range”
  • Island Development Opportunity
Placencia Lagoon Property – $600,000 USD
  • 4.39 Acres
  • Most of the property is filled about 2ft.
  • 1Br Wooden House on South End
  • Development Opportunity
North Saddle Caye Island – $4,950,000 USD
  • 10 acres
  • 4 Homes (1 Guest House, Worker’s Quarters)
  • Boat House
  • Solar Power & Water Purification

Hotels, Resorts & Commercial Properties For Sale

Turnkey 19 Rm Airbnb – $1,400,000 USD
  • 19 Rooms Total / 32 Bathrooms
  • Operating Restaurant
  • On-site Parking Garage
  • TurnKey
  • Option to make a Boutique Hotel

Land & Lots For Sale

Adjacent Lots in Pomona Village
  • Parcels can be sold separately
  • Utilities Readily Available
  • Can Be Used For Commercial Or Residential
Buildable Land on Spider Caye – $275,000 USD
  • 0.98 acre
  • North East end of Spider Caye Island
  • Development Opportunity

Residential Property For Sale

Home On The Caribbean Sea – $1,200,000 USD
  • 2 Story with Complete Living Quarters
  • 2 BR/ 1 Ba Each
  • 2,500 Sqft
  • 0.95 Acre Lot
  • 167 ft of beach frontage

Two-Story Home in Malacate Beach – $595,000 USD
  • 2 Story w/Apt on each level
  • (2) – 2 Bedroom / 1 Bath
  • 2 Lots Included
  • Buildable Lot In Front
  • In Malacate Beach Development
  • Boat Access & Sea Views

For inquiries regarding current property listings, property sales, or other services offered by us or our partners please, contact us.

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