About Dawn

Oree Real Estate, LLC was born of Dawn Oree’s love of luxury resorts, beautiful homes, and exotic locations.  As a child growing up in Detroit’s inner city, she often dreamt of traveling the world and experiencing the various cultures and lifestyles around the globe. Dawn started following her passion by working in real estate.  Initially, she worked for investor clients as they purchased, fixed, flipped or rented properties all over Metro Detroit. 

Her company, The Administrator, LLC was hired to manage tenants, work on project budgets, and schedule maintenance for everything from small repairs to major renovations.   The Administrator, LLC also provided support to the mortgage loan industry as well as the construction industry for both small and large projects.

The love of luxury environments was one of the major catalysts for obtaining her BFA in Art and Commercial Interiors.  It was then that Dawn founded Phenomenal Spaces By Dawn, LLC and began working with real estate investors to update historical homes and create beautiful spaces for tenants to live while maximizing ROI when the properties were sold.  Phenomenal Spaces By Dawn, LLC has partnered with design firms over the years to offer design contractor services for both commercial and residential projects. 

The company has also been hired by churches, offices and other commercial clients to create beautiful functional spaces.  It’s the love of luxury and exotic places that inspires every design.   The drawings, fine fabrics, and custom finishes all coming together to bring the client’s vision into reality; that’s her way of ushering luxury into structures.

Before obtaining her license in California, Dawn served as Property Liaison for hotel owners, connecting buyers and sellers in off-market property sales.  As a licensed Realtor, Dawn has sold residential properties in Michigan and California; and has been a referring agent for clients nationally through the nationwide referral network she built personally.  She’s helped clients reach their real estate goals through homeownership and investment acquisitions in the best and worst economies in history. 

The next logical step for Dawn was to expand her knowledge and practice commercial real estate. She joined AARE and began building the relationships that shifted the trajectory of her life and her business into living and working her life’s dream. It’s the beauty of a dream fulfilled that allows her to join her love of luxurious living with her love of travel, exclusive destinations, and her passion for wealth creation through hotels real estate.  Selling Islands, hotels, resorts and land worldwide is the gateway through which a dreams of a girl from the inner city has become reality.  

It’s my pleasure to be part of every exciting venture my clients see for themselves.  Some clients are looking for exclusivity, privacy and peaceful surroundings.  Others are looking for ways to create income in exotic locations.  Still other clients have a goal of building a tax shelter to ensure a legacy for their family.  For many clients, their goals are a strategic combination of all of those desires.   We also have clients that want to dispose of properties to move into retirement, larger land investments, or other investment vehicles.  Whatever the client’s vision is, we are honored to work with them to achieve their goals.”  - Dawn Oree, Realtor

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View Our Available Properties

Islands For Sale

Long Coca Caye Island – $100,000,000 USD
  • 40+ Developed acres
  • 8 Homes (2 Caretaker Houses)
  • Septic System, Solar Power
  • Seller Financing Available

19.2 Acre Private Island – $2,880,000 USD
  • 19.2 Acre
  • Perimeter water depth range 1ft – 20ft deep
  • Located within the “the Pelican range”
  • Island Development Opportunity
Placencia Lagoon Property – $600,000 USD
  • 4.39 Acres
  • Most of the property is filled about 2ft.
  • 1Br Wooden House on South End
  • Development Opportunity
North Saddle Caye Island – $4,950,000 USD
  • 10 acres
  • 4 Homes (1 Guest House, Worker’s Quarters)
  • Boat House
  • Solar Power & Water Purification

Hotels, Resorts & Commercial Properties For Sale

Turnkey 19 Rm Airbnb – $1,400,000 USD
  • 19 Rooms Total / 32 Bathrooms
  • Operating Restaurant
  • On-site Parking Garage
  • TurnKey
  • Option to make a Boutique Hotel

Land & Lots For Sale

Adjacent Lots in Pomona Village
  • Parcels can be sold separately
  • Utilities Readily Available
  • Can Be Used For Commercial Or Residential
Buildable Land on Spider Caye – $275,000 USD
  • 0.98 acre
  • North East end of Spider Caye Island
  • Development Opportunity

Residential Property For Sale

Home On The Caribbean Sea – $1,200,000 USD
  • 2 Story with Complete Living Quarters
  • 2 BR/ 1 Ba Each
  • 2,500 Sqft
  • 0.95 Acre Lot
  • 167 ft of beach frontage

Two-Story Home in Malacate Beach – $595,000 USD
  • 2 Story w/Apt on each level
  • (2) – 2 Bedroom / 1 Bath
  • 2 Lots Included
  • Buildable Lot In Front
  • In Malacate Beach Development
  • Boat Access & Sea Views

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